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At, Aspiration For Autism (AFA) we firmly believe that ALL individuals with autism can progress, irrespective of  the degree of their support needs or age, when provided with appropriate services that take into account the specific nature and needs of individuals with autism.

AFA offers a range of services to cater to the needs of people with autism and their families.

Parents Information Center(PIC)

The Parent Information Center (PIC), a Bangladesh countrywide family wing of the organization of Aspiration for Autism, strives to achieve positive outcomes for children and youth, with a focus on those with disabilities and special healthcare needs. This is achieved through its partnerships with families, educators, youth, professionals and organizations.

PIC is committed to the belief that:

• Families make the difference.
• When families, professionals and other partners are well-informed and have a shared commitment to work together, everyone benefits.
• As youth move toward adulthood, they have increasing ownership of their future.
• Every child can succeed and contribute as valued members of society

The Parent Information Center (PIC) and its various grant programs address a variety of key issues in order to help parents support their children’s success in school and in life.

Our programes include:

PIC serves families of children from birth to 20, youth, communities, schools and others, through various grant-funded programs.
• Special Education Process
• Improving Family-School Partnerships in Special Education
• Information and Resources for Special Medical Needs
• Early Intervention for children who are Deaf/ Hard of Hearing or have a Vision Impairment
• Child Abuse Prevention and Parenting Skills

Therapy Service:

The Therapy Center of Aspiration for Autism provides highly structured behavioral-based instruction to children on the autism spectrum. All services are developed and supervised by a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA). AutismTherapy Center programs provide training to help children generalize new skills and behaviors in various settings. Autism Therapy Center staff members are trained to provide mental health psychotherapy and sills training services to children with a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum. Focusing on the individual needs of the child and family as well as best practices from a variety of effective treatment approaches.

Day Therapy Programe:

The Therapy Center Day Therapy Programe is an intensive ABA program where clients work on functional communication, skill acquisition, social, and adaptive individualized goals in a 1:1 setting with Registered Behavioral Technicians and Board Certified Behavior Analysts. DTP is offered at both the Nashville and Clarksville locations for children ages 2-12. Our program also offers caregiver-training sessions to reinforce skill maintenance and generalization. We utilize a structured individualized schedule for each client which includes DTT, NET, Social skills, Group time in a classroom environment.
Discrete Trial Training (DTT): One-on-one instruction that focuses on highly individualized goals. Examples include: increasing functional communication, motor imitation, learner readiness skills, visual performance, conversational skills, labeling, making requests.

Natural Environment Teaching (NET):

One-on-one instruction that focuses on generalizing and promoting skills in the natural environment. This is completed in a variety of settings including structured playtime.
Social Skills: Clients practice appropriate social interactions with peers in a structured setting
Group Time: Our Education Coordinator conducts circle time, creates highly individualized workstations to correlate with each client’s goals, and group projects based on a weekly theme.
Home Services
ABA services are conducted in a home or community setting with caregiver involvement. Home and Community programs are ideal for individuals requiring less intensive ABA services. These services may include functional communication training, compliance training, feeding therapy, toilet training, and appropriate behavior in various social settings.

School Services

ABA services are conducted in a school setting in collaboration with teachers and support staff. School services are ideal for individuals who require additional supports during school hours. These services may include providing additional intensive support by a Registered Behavior Technician or Board Certified Behavior Analyst consultation and training with teachers or other support staff.
The Therapy Center Summer Program is an ABA-based program for children ages 2-15. Children are separated into age appropriate small groups. Activities are based on a weekly theme including: Arts and Crafts, Music and Movement, Water Play, Exploring Nature, Teen Recreation (for older group only) Sports and Games, Social Skills, and Playground time (for younger group only).

Group Therapy & Social Skills Group

The Therapy Center is currently accepting clients for Social Skills Groups and Group Therapy. After a brief screening, clients are placed in a group according to age and level of functioning. Client-to-staff ratio is no more than 3:1 and will be run by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and/or a Licensed Professional Counselor with the assistance of Register Behavior Technicians. Goals may vary based on specific needs of each group including appropriate greetings and goodbyes, taking turns, functional daily living skills, and social skills activities.

Manners Class:

A semi century ago manners were top priority when teaching children. Children were sent to etiquette classes to learn proper manners. Your manners dictated your social status in the community. If someone had poor manners they were looked down upon. Teaching your children about manners and respect can help better our country. If our children are not educated on proper manners our society, as a whole will crumble. Our manners classes and training is fun, family oriented and highly effective. We have a large, highly trained staff and currently conduct over 2 classes every week. We invite you to visit us any time classes are scheduled and see for yourself the series training program.

We also offer behavioral consultations for both child and parents with behavior problems. We provide onsite private and semi private lessons and we also offer in home training when appropriate.
• We offer membership that provide discounts on classes and members rent space for training and fun
• We host seminars and put on training matches
• We host a therapy dog group
• We sponsor a flyball team

Yoga class

The mission of Yoga class of Aspiration for Autism is to inspire all children to practice joyful, playful self-expressive Yoga. We are an Autism organization offering Yoga classes, Teacher Trainings, curriculum, and continuing education. Our commitment is to educate and empower adults to share Yoga with Kids, everywhere.

Lesson Plan

Each of our original Lesson Plans are designed to evoke learning, adventure, self-expression and fun. Good for kids & adults, alike.

Why yoga for people with autism ?
Yoga class for autism was designed to meet the challenges of those with an autism spectrum disorder(ASD), including individuals with Sensory Integration Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, High Functioning Autism and Classic Autism. In addition to the benefits typically associated with yoga – improved strength, flexibility and breathing.
When someone with ASD can feel more calm comfortable in his body,with less pain and anxiety, it is easier for him to control his behavior,learn new sills and enjoy social interactions.
Yoga helps a students body to get out of the ‘fight,flight or freeze’ response, and to feel more relaxed and less anxious.
Yoga also facilitates deeper inhaling and exhaling, which calm the nervous system. At its core, yoga is mean to deepen spiritual awareness.
All ages and abilities welcome. Designed to teach the fundamentals of yoga and effective breathing techniques.

ICT Training

It is important for all parties involved in supporting a pupil with Autism to consider potential benefits and challenges of using ICT. Technology can provide a secure, comfortable environment for children and young people with autism. They can feel more in control, be familiar with the routines involved, and there is often little need to communicate with others, which can have positive and negative implications.

Technology can help children to become more independent in work tasks and develop skills they can also use at home. However decisions regarding the set-up of any technology will need to be carefully planned; the use of a laptop can require a higher level of school staff support than some staff expect.
Often staff use ICT as a reward activity – or to help reduce demand in busy social situations (i.e. during break times) or to unwind.The appeal of ICT to many pupils with autism can be used as a motivator and offers opportunities to learn in ways suited to their learning styles. However, it is important that it is made clear to pupils when ICT is being used as a learning tool or as a recreation activity. This will help reduce anxiety and will help avoid pupils accessing programmes/websites unrelated to current task.
Techonology is dynamic and can utilised in a variety of innovative ways not simply restricted to using a computer. Many schools have examples of good practice and use of many forms of ICT to enhance the learning and skills development of young people with autism.

ADL Training programe

Aspiration For Autism arranges ADL training programme(Activity of Daily Living) for individuals with autism, their parents, special teachers and all related professionals. Also seminars, workshops and conferences are available in different times.

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